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About us

We are your logo creation destination.

Logos World provides a unique, easy, professional and affordable way of satisfying the Logo Designing needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations of all sizes and shapes across the globe.

Our services are borne out of the realisation that it is only by eliminating the need for a professional graphic designer that Logo Designing can be made affordable and client friendly. In this endeavour, a lot of emphasis was placed in ensuring that the quality of the end product remains impeccable.

The end result has been a platform that is designed for the highest level of user friendliness. You will also find a lot of versatile tools that give you limitless designing potential. The Free Logo Maker® logo editor provides a comprehensive library of industry specific graphics, designs, pictures and so forth. We are constantly reviewing our tools and library to ensure that it remains versatile and comprehensive.

Logos World provides its services to over 900,000 entities every month and the list continues to grow. We bring high resolution Logos to you in the comfort of your familiar environs and you have the right to access and modify your logo any time without incurring further download costs.

We have state of the art security for our data stores and follow a strict privacy policy. All our clients have the power to erase their accounts and all their information with it at any time. All our practices adhere to acceptable business ethics and we are always heartened by satisfied customers.

If you would like to know more about Logos World or our Free Logo Maker®, write to us now at or use our contact form. Either way, you are assured of a prompt response from our support team of designers and technicians. Getting your own Logo will never be the same again.


testimonial Logos world has a great service. I created logo for my new company in just 5 minutes. Their quick way to choose desired graphic from thousands of graphic is impressivetestimonial

Martin - NY

testimonialI needed a logo for by business card. I tried many website but was not satisfied with logo , but here i got what i was looking for.testimonial

Sandra - LA

testimonialThis website provide a great choices for logo size and format and just on nominal price. I love this. testimonial

Jason - MA

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