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1. Select Logo Graphic

free logo iconWe have thousands of graphic for your Logo. Using our inteligent graphic find system you can find quickly your desired graphics.

2. Customise Your Logo

free logo editorWe have state of art logo editor that is very easy to use. you can apply lot of effect and colors to your graphics and text in your logo.

3. Download Your Logo

download logoHigh resolution Logo files in various format for print and web will be availble to download immediately after pyament.

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Design a professional logo in 3 steps using the Free Logo Maker from Logos World.

Take the easiest 3 steps to an expressive high resolution logo

Step 1 - select the logo graphic that provides a true representation of your brand from thousands of great options.

  • It’s just as simple as typing in a keyword related to your company, product or service to get hundreds of cool matching graphics.
  • Filter them by category and browse to isolate the ideal option.

Step 2 - using the Logos World free logo maker editor, create your logo with the easy addition of your company name and slogan. Use your imagination and taste to resize and style to your satisfaction.

You will find various cool and easy to use tools within the free logo maker editor that enable you to add styles and effects to your logo design. You can also import images from your computer!

Step 3 - review your design and if satisfied:

  • Make a payment of $14.99 and proceed to download it,
  • or Save it and buy it at a later date.

There is no need to fret over your logo design issues as you can save a lot by opting for our free logo maker to design and redesign. You can get more information about your requirement by mailing us at or using our contact form.

Why Logos world's logo making is better than other logo making website.

  • We have thousands's of cool stock graphics for all major industries. Our Desiners are busy making new logo graphics and adding to our stock.
  • Graphic selection process is so easy here, simply type industries related word and get hundred's of graphic selection.
  • Our editor is so user friendly and user interface is like commonly used graphic or text editor software.
  • We provide option to save your designed logo to buy later.
  • we provide option to further customize your logo after purchase.
  • Our price is lowest then any other logo making tool.
  • Our support systems is prompt and always ready to help customer.

Keep These Tips In Mind And Happy Designing!!!

  • Simple Does It: - try to keep it simple and avoid the temptation to mix a lot of elements. You don’t need something that takes time and brainpower to digest but something that can strike a chord with the viewer at first glance. It must be able to represent you and stay etched on the minds of those who see it.
  • Logo Graphics:- the secret to a great logo in most cases is staying within the confines of your work area when choosing the graphic. The graphic is a major component of the Logo and as such, it has to evoke the right sensations.
  • Colour Selection: - you must try to restrict the colour-mix to 2 or 3. Adding many colours spoils your logo and makes it look rather messy.
  • Font Selection the font count must also not be above 2. Remember that ‘neat does it’ and that people don’t have to think or struggle to get your message.

If you are not sure about your design you can take a breather and come back to the computer later with a fresher perspective and try to go through with the project. Remember, you can always re-edit your design after downloading for free using our free logo maker.

How can business logo be helpful for establishing a company’s brand value?
Posted by Logos-world on 2014-08-26 17:51:30

How can business logo be helpful for establishing a company’s brand value?

In today’s competitive market, all a company needs is a unique logo for their reputation and good brand value. A well designed logo helps a business to stand out among others with a unique identity.



testimonial Logos world has a great service. I created logo for my new company in just 5 minutes. Their quick way to choose desired graphic from thousands of graphic is impressivetestimonial

Martin - NY

testimonialI needed a logo for by business card. I tried many website but was not satisfied with logo , but here i got what i was looking for.testimonial

Sandra - LA

testimonialThis website provide a great choices for logo size and format and just on nominal price. I love this. testimonial

Jason - MA

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